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Gravity explains soul.

Emptiness is Consciousness
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Article published on 5 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Emptiness is everywhere. It allows soul’s waves to go into bodies activating matter. Emptiness allows consciousness.

You have to forget yourself in order to see soul. After many stages where we calm our soul, we see others not as objects but as beings, so emptiness allows us to see consciousness.

Consciousness cannot be perceived as an object because it is not seen. We haven’t even found it in our brain, but when it expresses itself.

Meditative state is a state without any choice, without any object, but working, where there is no goal or result to achieve. Meditative state is not physically localized. So we see with thinkings and questions our soul.

Anxiety that Western culture causes to bear towards emptiness is far from perceiving soul’s emptiness. Perceiving soul therefore requires taking new bearings seeking truth.

Douglas HARDING wants to ask how to cut off mind’s head in order to see soul. Thus, after a series of questioning, he reborns it before seeing soul.

Writing it allows to see oneself as another. So, it’s easier to forget about your body. We abandon our ego into this vision’s emptiness. We then feel a presence. We discover our soul.

We then observe in his vigilance’s restlessness, with restlessness and confusion in his mind, the state of well-being. We live in real.

Vacuum creates matter. We are made of matter so we think something is needed. But emptiness is the basis of everything.

Emptiness is not scary really. Understanding that we are made of emptiness and living in the fullness of meditation allows us to pass fears and anxieties.

Ego is also in a vacuum. Self-center is empty also in our world. If we refuse to conceive emptiness it leads to nothingness.