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The New Consciousness
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Article published on 21 March 2022
last modification on 22 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The collective consciousness has its visionaries, pioneers and witnesses. We just have to find the right visionaries. Henry Charles CAREY has created train’s growth in the world. HAMILTON is the one who turned debt into credit with a public currency. There are also PLATO, Nicholas Of CUSA, LEIBNIZ, PLANCK, EINSTEIN, etc.

Shri AUROBINDO tells us that humanity had only been shared between materialistic denial and ascetic denial. The new spirituality is a materiality awakened to spirit’s dimension, the human being’s participation in his own growth.

We currently have a dualistic spirituality based on division and separation, on a poor nature’s conception, on a relationship and action‘s sense serving the ego, on an identification with the mental spirit’s constructions, on an existence under psychological time’s influence.

The new consciousness is the transition to a more real world taking into account appearances for what they are, to awaken through the consciousness of the history’s real visionaries.

When we awaken to find our new consciousness, we first observe presence’s state with exceptional tranquility and listening. The new breath abolishes split sense and opens a subjectivity’s depth to manifest our essence, our self, with a personal depth radically different from the usual ego’s being.

So, a different consciousness and intelligence comes ahead. Intuition is attuned to synchronicities. The mind remains, but it is into the background. The mind then becomes more tranquil, more transparent, more peaceful. The presence finishes to identify with psychological time and its fears. Awakening is minor to thinking but is major to sensitivity.

In this state, knowledge becomes vision. We’re looking to the future. The old knowledge based on the known is unvalued. The ego that used to struggle with life is now struggling to understand life. We discover the soul. We discover living joy instead of pleasure.

Shri AUROBINDO tells us this :

  • Reason within knowledge was a help; it is the hindrance to knowledge.
  • The effort to survive was a help; the effort is the hindrance to the power to do something.
  • The desire for enjoyment was a help; Desire is the hindrance to bliss.
  • The ego of the individual was a help; the ego is the obstacle to become a real person.
  • The animal was a help to become human. He is the obstacle to remain human.
  • Turn your reason into an orderly intuition.
  • Transforms the effort into a sovereign soul strength’s flow.
  • Transforms the enjoyment into an ecstasy without object.
  • Transforms the divided individual into a cosmic personality.
  • Turns the animal into a herds’ leader.

Yoga can lead to this awakening, but awakening doesn’t bring just that. There is also meditation, political engagement, writing that bring awakening.

To believe that we are separated from others and different from them is wrong. There is humanity in every human being. Individual mind participates in collective mind. We are conditioned by our ascendants. Even someone withdrawn in his cave follows human atavisms. The human lives in his collective mind.

Great names leave traces in the human collective when they die. Dreams make it possible to find the great’s thinking. When we are on the human’s limits and we are looking for a past limit, dreams can happen challenging us. We seek and we find a human limit given by a great. Consciousness is timeless. A new consciousness is being decided every day for the humanity’s fate.

There is in us the liberation movement and the ego movement. This double movement is present in the collective consciousness. Ego and freedom are from those who have them.

Finance is playing its last cards. It then becomes authoritarian as after the 1929’s crisis. We are at a crucial moment when we can question the liberal ideology leading to nature’s denial.

Thorium will allow safe energy without limits until controlled thermonuclear fusion. So our economy will be eco-friendly and bring profusion. So the public currency will allow thorium.

The presence reduces parasitic mental activity and the presence enters the body. It awakens sensitivity and frees intelligence. We are present in reality to create new things. AUROBINDO was talking about an access to intuition.

HUSSERL inaugurated a phenomenological consciousness. Consciousness was non-existent because of biology. Panpsychism shows human consciousness that exists in soul without us being able to reach it. AUROBINDO and Ken WILBER synthesize consciousness in the soul.

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