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What is the Smallest ?

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Monday 18 April 2022, by Matthieu Giroux

We guess matter looking at the universe which deploys matter’s energetic luminosity. Universe makes it possible to detect and verify the infinitely small. Universe shows the infinitely small.

It is therefore necessary to define what an atom is, an atom that will create the explosions of stars and the big bang. Atoms explain these phenomena knowing that the big bang is alive. An atom is a stable ball of energy containing particles or quarks. These quarks cluster are into protons and neutrons.

Material that is the smallest is the one that we do not know. So wave is the smallest matter’s existence since it is matter that does not exist. The waves are numerous and merge to give a materializable particle. A wave does not merge with a particle as we see. Waves smaller than the particle would then increase atoms’ size, which is not the case. This wave is then a vacuum’s part because it can only be detected when it is destroyed. The particle is the matter formed by waves that materialize.

All this may seem surprising to you, but this is how matter is created, because matter is created, since we exist. We found that with NASA. NASA has discovered that there are more and more galaxies in universe.
We are made to create as universe is created. Being like universe is creating. New physical laws are to be found.

In other words, many waves will create a particle, a quark. Two, three or four waves can merge the quark to exist.

Dark matter doesn’t exist because we can’t find it. There are waves that oppose other waves. It is the anti-matter or negative matter that is not destroyed according to the coincidence of the opposites of Nicolas DE CUSE. We can’t even create a situation that should prove its existence.

These negative waves create other quarks. There are few in our land, they are a minority here, but they are still negative. In other words, we face positive waves with positive quarks.

Quark’s particles group together into HIGGS Boson or future atom’s mass, which then groups particles that have formed around with HIGGS Boson. This HIGGS Boson then creates a field that reaches the entire universe. Indeed, gravity acts without space limits. So it can only be broadcast with another universe unless it spreads in a vacuum. The HIGGS Boson groups several particles together since it requires a new organization to create mass.

Already we are seeing much more energy produced than expected during atomic explosions. The formula E=mc2 does not include particles’ creation if we want an exact solution about creating energy. We are seeing more energy created than we expected.

So energy creates atoms. Universe is a self-ordering energy field. We cannot create a HIGGS boson with scattered waves. It is therefore multitude that makes an atom. NASA is actually finding that there are more and more particles in the universe. There are more and more galaxies in the universe. There are more and more big stars and an exponential curve of small stars.

This is also why the Z machine can produce much more temperature than expected. Indeed, the Z machine, which is a machine that compresses atoms with thin electrical wires in order to fuse them, can reach billions of degrees in a certain way. This creates matter. We go from hundreds of millions of degrees to billions of degrees because somehow we create atoms that then destroy each other again.

Matthieu Giroux

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