Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

BOHM’s Works
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Article published on 15 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

BOHM worked on plasmas. He discovered that a plasma is same as a living entity that organizes itself. This is because a plasma exchanges the electrons of the atoms to stabilize the atoms. Thus a plasma torch should recycle any waste.

BOHM therefore found that matter could be an organizing body. He then said to himself that the fact that we exist in the universe is due to the universe that created us. Indeed, order is living for a particular purpose. Otherwise there would be no order and no life. So BOHM made the connection between consciousness and the universe. Universe is creative.

But what animates universe? Gravity acts anywhere in universe and universe does not contract. So gravity does not only attract because planetary systems could not be created otherwise. Gravity or another force such as non-locality moves atoms away.

So when two fishes act at the same time we can get the impression of this non-locality. This may be the case since non-locality has been observed as a physical phenomenon.

Thus Alain ASPECT used John BELL’s inequalities to verify non-locality of two particles that he had linked with an experiment. Thus he invented quantum communication. Niels BOHR, who found a localized aspect of quantum physics, was right against EINSTEIN because it is only an universe’s piece that acts with non-locality.
hat EINSTEIN argued could also be verified because every atoms are not linked, until Alain ASPECT experiments to prove BOHR had said.

Non-locality therefore explains to us that universe is organized by a force that has no limit. If we can create this non-locality far away from elements that are linked together, we can also tell that non-locality acts anytime anywhere. These small forces that are very far can create a whole.

Non-locality would therefore cause universe to be organized far away. Universe is moving towards a cluster. But would it be organizing himself before reaching this cluster? It is fully possible.

BOHM saw on television an experiment with a cylindrical box with a crank that rotated glycerin. In glycerin was an ink’s drop. When crank was turned, ink stretched until it disappeared and then returned to its normal state when the cylinder stopped rotating. So there was an unfolded order and an explicit order. So matter’s explicit order in a vacuum is the situation of an unfolded order that we cannot see.

So "Everything is in everything" is true. Each element allows access to the totality, not only with gravity but also with non-locality.

In the same way universe was in an unfolded order to expand in an explicit order, knowing that it creates matter to not merge into void.