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09 - Void and Unified Field

Universe is made of emptiness. But this emptiness brings life through the soul and matter’s unity. So emptiness is not annihilating.

Our culture is afraid of emptiness. But we learn to meditate so connections are made doing nothing. So doing nothing allows you to project yourself into your past or into the future. Thus we learn emptiness’ experience. Emptiness brings fullness.

Frijof CAPRA has based his book "The Tao of Physics" on ancient spirituality’s emptiness, to return to physics’ discoveries. We will study this relationship between ancient spiritualities and emptiness with physics.

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The Quantum Vacuum
Published on 6 April 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

At the beginning of the XIXth century, gravity could spread only into an ether. Gravity for our physicists could not spread into a vacuum. However, EINSTEIN revolutionized physics admitting that the ether did not exist, that there was a quantum vacuum and that gravity spread in vacuum (...)

The Cosmic Vacuum
Published on 6 April 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

If gravity spreads in vacuum, it is due to cosmic vacuum that is not the empty space of our world. Gravity runs through another universe in our universe.

So atoms’ energy can not reach zero degree kelvin. Residual energy persists. Then Andrei SAKHAROV found that relativistic phenomenon that (...)

The CASIMIR Effect
Published on 6 April 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

With an experiment, Hendrik CASIMIR found in 1948 that two uncharged conductive metal plates very close together cause some of the vacuum waves to be excluded. This attracts the plates. The CASIMIR effect is into vacuum waves.

Gerald MOORE in 1970 shows a similar dynamic effect with a moving (...)

Ordered Structures and Emptiness
Published on 6 April 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

If the field that orders universe is not controlled, then the earth and the other planets of the solar system should go out of orbit. That’s not the case. So field that orders universe is controlled by a soul.

The vacuum keeps in memory moving planets and adapts it. So planets remain around the (...)

If Energy creates Particles
Published on 6 April 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics shows that we can create energy. The light can change speed. It is therefore about mastering energy’s creation.

EINSTEIN demonstrated that waves, different from the terrestrial waves of the time, could move in a vacuum. If a wave can move in a vacuum, it is (...)