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Gravity explains soul.

If Energy creates Particles
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Article published on 6 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics shows that we can create energy. The light can change speed. It is therefore about mastering energy’s creation.

EINSTEIN demonstrated that waves, different from the terrestrial waves of the time, could move in a vacuum. If a wave can move in a vacuum, it is because it is materialized, or rather materializable.

Energy seems to be waves produced with friction. Knowing that a particle is also a wave, particle can create, probably with wave fusion, which creates universe, according to NASA observations.

Some particles cannot create themselves. The big bang is therefore that God allowed every particles or waves of the beginning of the universe to create, since God is not everywhere.

Hydrogen atom is created fusing three particles grouping particles. It is possible that God will intervene to increase energy.

We cannot match God here, but we can use universe’s souls create matter in smaller quantities. Indeed, we do not know how soul control matter.

So black holes create matter and would explode at the end of their life.