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Torsional Waves
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Article published on 6 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

In 1913, EINSTEIN and CARTAN showed the existence of torsion waves, torsion which means twist or spiral. These torsional waves go at superluminal speeds, i.e. beyond the speed of light.

Doctor Nikolai Alesksandrovich KOZYREV, rehabilitated after being jailed by STALIN, found that human thoughts and feelings can generate torsional waves. Emotions generated more torsion than intellectual thoughts. Reading the book "Faust" caused a 40° displacement of its torsion balance’s pointer. But overall a 5 °’s displacement is observed.

DANKACHOV showed in 1984 that water is "a good medium that stores static torsion fields. "The torsion fields created by human are memorized in water, especially water containing ionized salts.

So these torsional waves run fast in a vacuum. They are created by soul and run in water, are infinitely small because waves.

For my part, I feel my body. I feel like I’m acting on my body through thought when I’m sick. So it would be torsional waves that would create this impression there.