Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

11 - Quantum Vacuum Field

Nuclear fields are also called weak interactions and strong interactions.

There is also HIGGS field that gives mass to the particles and creates atom.

We have also seen fields’ perception, which is essential to understand fields, in a period when empirical approach is widely used.

A shape is energetic, due to a wave which creates shape in previous fields. It therefore lacks pulsating scale where a reality comes to be structured, but which requires to be fully understood.

SHELDRAKE was named in Chapter 7. Morphic field makes it possible to understand life. This is about quantum biology. The information field that organizes nature runs us to Quantum Vacuum’s field.

But we have to be sure. LASZLO tells us that we must be sure of this thinking. Like Electromagnetic and Gravitational fields, Quantum Vacuum field cannot be seen, not even heard, not touched, not dripped, not felt. But it runs on that we already know.

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Quantum Vacuum Field in Universe
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Our Universe should have bloomed 12 to 15 billion years ago in a sort of organized explosion. There should have been a waves’ instability in the quantum vacuum at this outbreak’s origin. There should have been a huge fireball that should then have spread into the void.

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Matter curves space-time. Universe is expanding with anti-particles bringing a rebound. The universe does not withdraw into itself or escape too quickly.

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Standard model tells us that universe’s expansion should slow down. But the model of negative-mass particles, which we explain, makes antiparticles’ force speeding up the universe’s expansion. Jean-Pierre PETIT explains this model with the JANUS model.

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Quantum Vacuum Field and Life
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The Cartesians’ animal-machine is an outdated image. The body is not a statue, but it is governed with fields coming from quantum vacuum, creating an automatic and spontaneous activities’ myriad, with a mind capable to anticipate the unexpected.

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