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Quantum Vacuum Field and Life
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Article published on 4 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The Cartesians’ animal-machine is an outdated image. The body is not a statue, but it is governed with fields coming from quantum vacuum, creating an automatic and spontaneous activities’ myriad, with a mind capable to anticipate the unexpected.

How can the holons run together? This cannot be done only with matter. Even a computer is not so subtle. One’s behaviors are rude and repetitive. Holons explain that multiverse’s theory, consisting in assuming that there would be trillions of billions of universes, does not stand up.

Biochemistry does not allow at all to explain how body reacts so quickly. Nerves are rather slow, information does not go beyond 20 m/s. Let’s not talk about information’s transmission with cells. Body communication is global, heterogeneous and multi-dimensional, everywhere in the body.

To signify this speed, we say that the tissues are BOSE-EINSTEIN condensates, that is, same bosons with specific properties. We distinguish interactions and body because biology thinks with cellular capacity.

But many biological processes are macroscopic. Luc MONTAGNIER proves that DNA is created with quantum vacuum’s waves. In the same way it takes a set of wave functions to generate cells and to signal in body. We are begining to do this in quantum teleportation.

Hans-Peter DÜRR, HEISENBERG’s ex-assistant in Max PLANCK Institute, directs research into the tissues’ superconductivity. Electromagnetic radiation that surrounds electrons in biomolecules vibrates from 100 to 1000 gigahertz. The oscillations of these waves are related to charge moving. According to DÜRR, some of these waves would connect biomolecules, cells, or entire organisms, with macroscopic superconduction at ordinary temperature. Life uses quantum effects.

Telepathy would therefore be used by nature, especially for a persons’ group understanding each other. Indeed, when I speak, it forwards for two individuals to understand each other. If feedback is a word we don’t understand, we don’t move forward. That is why we cannot create a dialogue between species. SHELDRAKE is right when he says that telepathy is a nature’s property.