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Genome and Phenome

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Monday 4 April 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

Recently we viewed that genes are their expression’s part. Environment where are genes influences. It’s about phenome.

For a long time it was said that genes ran randomly without environment’s influence. In 1859, random mutations’ concept was introduced. However, it was just until the late 1980s that DNA sequences’ keys were found. We fully identified the genome only to the 1990s.

Now we know with epigenetics that DNA reacts to its environment. We know that viruses can modify cell’s DNA. Thus we can say that sperm also acts as a virus with its egg.

Species’ growth was so rapid at the beginning that it is impossible for evolution to happen lukily. So there have been so many human species created that can procreate with each other that we can say that a God wanted the human species to be present on Earth for a long time.

Michael BEHE tells us that in a complex system, components are so fully linked that, if we eliminate one part, the whole system is impacted. It is therefore a precision’s act to create this interconnected system.

A mutant genome with lukily mutations is fully incapable to create a functional mutant. Darwinians are blocked by this possibility. So they explain that mutation tunes in with its environment. But in this case, mutants do not survive and are eliminated. Yet normally mutants survive.

So life’s whole is an interconnected system. LASZLO tells us about feathers’ evolution. To have feathers, it is necessary to have a change in muscle and bone matter. An independent mutation will make mutagen less compatible to its environment. "In this case it will not live along in the natural selection’s merciless world. »
Genome must therefore be linked with environment where species live. The electromagnetic and quantum fields make it possible to create the mutations. The organism has its own coherence linked with world around it.

LASZLO gives another example. Spiders use a tiny part of their small brain to create a web. The magnitude of the information is nevertheless substantial, with the selection of the place, the materials, the construction method, the flexibility, the stress which are considerable. The brain alone is not enough to create the canvas. Everything should be memorized in DNA and turned on to the next generation without fail. We cannot confide on learning with trial and error in this case. There is necessary whole stream information that is not found in spider’s brain.

SHELDRAKE advances that identical behavioral’s reappearance changes. These behavioral changes cannot be written into DNA. So quantum vacuum field informs everything about everything.