Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

14 - Mind and Consciousness

For many, spiritual awakening is a paranormal subject. But some will look in their minds to search the same questions. We will try to feel it internally through films or documentaries. We will look for readings on the same topic. We will attend personal development seminars.

We can be disappointed in university. Proposed subjects are not compatible with philosophizing. Philosophizing is not the same as philosophy unfortunately. A philosophy lesson can be masterful and not evoke anything other than knowledge to be acquired. Yet to philosophize is to sharpen one’s critical mind, to question oneself, to define, to go over one’s limits. Philosophizing is reflecting instead of thinking.

Consciousness is not exclusively human. Plants try to find water. Universe is organizing itself. So consciousness is also outside the brain.

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Consciousness and Brain
Published on 22 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

There is a doctrines’ serie which groups the mind’s functions : Epiphenomenism: Our mind is encompassed in something greater that decides elsewhere according to our limits. Also our mind builds consciousness as the body produces bile. But this consciousness’ state is superfluous looking at (...)

Published on 21 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

The brain should produce mind if we follow that is learned in high school. But you don’t find compassion with a computer when an individual has it. You just see brain’s areas active, areas that can be used for something else. Just thinking activates our brain’s areas. We can even lead with (...)

The Holographic Memory
Published on 21 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

PRIBRAM demonstrated that memory linked to brain has got holographic properties, therefore that consciousness runs with waves on brain. This explains why brain can store so many memories. Holograms can get a lot of information.

A brain’s part’s removal does not alter memory because (...)

Cerebral Hemisphere’s Removal
Published on 21 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

John HOPKINS studied 54 children. He was following accidents. They had one of their cerebral hemisphere removed.

The children remembered memory, personality and a sense of humor. So this operation can be good. So biology textbooks are wrong.

It is therefore not certain that dualism and (...)

Imminent Death
Published on 21 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

Under Raymond MOODY’s leadership, thousands of studies were subsequently conducted on imminent death’s phenomenon. A significant number of testimonies exist and are available to researchers.

We’re going to use Pim Van LOMMEL’s book, Dead or not?. This book has tested all the explanations (...)