Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

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Article published on 21 March 2022
last modification on 22 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Consciousness can bring back the past that we are looking for, less than time. Entanglement is done in the same way with non-locality. Indeed, non-locality seems to run independently of space and time. So we can say that consciousness can run through non-locality.

It is impossible to be in two places at once. Causality is essential to understand our world. So we are out of objectivity. But consciousness behaves differently. Everything runs locally in our world. But non-locality contradicts this fact.

A radio station receives radio waves to transmit speech. The waves still exist even if the radio is turned off. In the same way the body receives the soul’s field waves to animate itself. Field waves are always present around the body as long as we are alive. The body is always active even when sleeping.

During a near-death experience, soul is detached from body, which is then no longer alive. Consciousness is infinite so it feels like we have access to universe’s infinity.

Physics and psyche are omnipresent in the universe. The psyche is changing, which gave the big bang. The psyche was present before the big bang to create the new universe.