Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

13 - Communication and Totality

The lack of totality’s knowledge impeaches us to see cultures’ diversity. We have been teached a fragmentary analysis that makes short-term projections easy. It is easier for us to separate than to unite.

Ego thus tends to compare itself with another, whereas we should compare itself with human totality. We set boundaries from another while others surpass us.
Or we compare a system’s part to another’s flaws. Yet Chinese are happy to reduce poverty, to flourish.

Republican dictatorship exists. This is the development that the two presidential elections’ democracy should prevent. Why should a president who allows his country’s growth should give up his place?

Frenzied individualism drives the ego towards professions’ cut, but every professions are intertwined in society. We feel small in front of society’s whole. So why should we feel great comparing with another?

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Published on 23 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

We feel our community as our family. But this vision is wrong. Indeed, we are connected with spirit among all of us. We think that our family is our reference while humanity’s whole should be our reference. We thus reduce our view to our individuality and take away ourselves from community. (...)

The Will
Published on 23 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

James FRAZER describes the Native American’s Vaudoux rites, when native american traces a figure on the sand and then pierces it with a sharp stick to inflict wounds on it. FRAZER was able to realize that often the targeted person most often got sick or became lethargic.

So intention to harm (...)

Healing Intention
Published on 23 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

The documentary The Living Matrix shows you that you can heal with a positive curating intention, in a distant or close way. Likewise, the healing intention is important to heal. Placebos can work, even if you expect to be treated.

Randolph BYRD set up a prayer group next to a sick group. (...)

Mind Transfer
Published on 23 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

Jacobo GRINBERG studied shamans while they processed. He noticed with an experiment that if we don’t interprete it, consciousness’ neural field and pre-spatial structure became identical. The shaman would therefore have an ability to access consciousness’ pre-spatial structure.

In 1987, (...)

Synchronicities in History
Published on 22 March 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

The ancient constructions are remarkably identical. The Etruscan, Zulu, Malay, Indian monuments and the Egyptian pyramids are remarkably similar, yet with different builders‘ generations. The Etruscan pyramids are similar to Egyptian pyramids, while these civilizations are very distant. There (...)