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Healing Intention
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Article published on 23 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The documentary The Living Matrix shows you that you can heal with a positive curating intention, in a distant or close way. Likewise, the healing intention is important to heal. Placebos can work, even if you expect to be treated.

Randolph BYRD set up a prayer group next to a sick group. The prayer group prayed for the sick names. The sick then required significantly less care. Same other studies lead to same results. The links between human beings therefore exist. The mechanistic paradigm is once again defeated. These mechanists also saw NEWTON as a mystic.

William BRAUD did an experiment where he asked a protagonist to stare at the opposite person on request. He observed electricity’s spikes on the skin at these times. He started the experiment again with an acquaintance. Even by not taking notice, waves propagate.

In 1983, Marilyn SCHLITZ did an experiment with a group of nervous people and a group of calm people watching, or not, people meditating. The nervous people’s group calmed down when they looked at meditation group. We calm down with calm people.

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