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Mind Transfer
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Article published on 23 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Jacobo GRINBERG studied shamans while they processed. He noticed with an experiment that if we don’t interprete it, consciousness’ neural field and pre-spatial structure became identical. The shaman would therefore have an ability to access consciousness’ pre-spatial structure.

In 1987, GRINBERG made an experiment with two people separated with a FARADEY cage. The two brain waves connected between them anyway. The two protagonists’ cerebral hemispheres synchronize always. While emitting a lightning’s flash in another room where someone was, he observed 25% more brain modification while the other person had not seen the flash. The results were published in Physics Essays.

Robert KENNY did another experiment later. When people who live and work together go to two splitted rooms, their brain waves synchronize together. When one group meditates, it brings calm to the other group with common intuitions.

Guy PLAYFAIR, a Twin Telepathy’s author, studied in 1997 the synchronicity of four twins’ pairs in two isolated rooms. When one twin heard a shock, the other reacted to it but he did not hear. The same phenomena can be observed between deeply united people.

We can think that they cheated to achieve these ends. But every human mind is not alone. Otherwise, we could not learn to communicate with each other. When we feel our body, we can feel our waves’ action.
Really, we can only draw our thoughts from universal mind. Personal thought appropriates the universal mind adapting it to our mind.

In fact, we capture the thoughts we want. We will have reproduced them for the rest of our lives imperceptibly. So we will have clung to the same wavelength. Fortunately, moreover, these are the same thoughts, since other thoughts would prompt us to do anything.

AUROBINDO says this: "All grown mental beings, at least those who exceed the average, must [...] split their mind’s two parts : The active part, which is a thinking factory, and the reserved part, mistress, to the Witness faith and Will, which observes, judges, rejects, eliminates or accepts thoughts." Meditating allows you to feel your thoughts entering your mind. We can then project ourselves towards a freedom consisting in selecting the thoughts that influence us badly.

We then think by and for the thoughts’ totality. The two ran together. The mind does not want to give us an answer if we do not use the mind for a goal. Thinking about the general interest helps to better perceive mind.

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