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Synchronicities in History

Creative Common by SA License
Tuesday 22 March 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

The ancient constructions are remarkably identical. The Etruscan, Zulu, Malay, Indian monuments and the Egyptian pyramids are remarkably similar, yet with different builders‘ generations. The Etruscan pyramids are similar to Egyptian pyramids, while these civilizations are very distant. There is a strange similarity building the same monument in a remote way. So the collective unconscious imagines the same thoughts in the common mind. The quantum vacuum field plays this role.

Common mind often contains the same thoughts. It is according to everyone’s truth’s research. We are often inspired with that we see and we repeat that is imaginated in the same way. So dragons appear in our dreams even if we don’t believe in them.

Atomism is not only Greek but also Indian. But they appeared at the same time. Other Western inventions will emerge at the same time, but now we can invoke networks. But these are different countries that found same discoveries.

Aside from telephone’s invention which was found along before BELL, Western discoveries will emerge at the same time. Hundreds of discoveries will thus take place at the same time, at a time when the Internet is not present.

Below the ordinary mind there is the vital mind and then the intuitive mind. After comes the ideas’ mind. When we access the ideas’ world, ideas can come to us in a dream. This is shown with Jean-Pierre PETIT, who is a good experimenter but a theorist who seeks inspiration. He claims to be interested in unexpected and has created his dreams that others have had in reflections. So it is according to the truth research that other minds’ selected dreams are accessed in the ideas’ world.

Ego can make us believe that we have found the very latest invention. But this is often an illusion. You have to think at human’s limits to find something truly new. A friend reminds us of our limits to find something new.