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Gravity explains soul.

The Will
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Article published on 23 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

James FRAZER describes the Native American’s Vaudoux rites, when native american traces a figure on the sand and then pierces it with a sharp stick to inflict wounds on it. FRAZER was able to realize that often the targeted person most often got sick or became lethargic.

So intention to harm reported to a symbolic object has a resonance. The waves spread this misfortune.

Entire clans seem to keep links, regardless of these members’s whereabouts. Adolphe Peter ELKIN shows that Australia’s Aborigines are really informed about their loved ones’ fate, even when they are far away. The elder’s death is most often foreboding and requires that they turn back.

LASZLO gives Sentinelese’s example and other Andaman Islands’ tribes in Indian Ocean, isolated from planet’s rest. In 2004, during the tsunami, it was believed that they would suffer heavy losses. But they sensed like animals the catastrophe.

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