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Clinical Death
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Article published on 21 March 2022
last modification on 22 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

In the past, we considered that cardiac interruption signified a death. But we can view heart going again. There is clinical death when the electroencephalogram is flat. It is taught that as soon as the brain is no longer supplied with oxygen, consciousness does not longer exists. So we use the principle that the brain produces consciousness.

This theory is inapplicable to upcoming death, because it is "always accompanied by a lucid consciousness with remembrance". In addition, this can occur without damage to brain. Also there is no mental confusion, which would be the case if it was a hallucination.

For NDEs, Near Death Experiences, carers can pinpoint the precise moment it occurred. Also the brain is in good condition at these times. This is manna for materialists.

Drugs can create an NDE’s effect, a detachment from body. But we no longer use drugs that can cause hallucinations. It may certainly occur a detachment’s feeling from the body, but nothing significant to create NDEs, which can otherwise occur without drugs.

DMT which is a psychedelic drug could play a role in near-death experience. But we’ve seen near-death behavior without this drug.

Next in the book there’s a VAN LOMMEL’s study, an American study and two British studies. The mind is well aware when there is a near-death experience. But we realize with these studies that the near-death experience takes place during clinical death.

If we suppose that "consciousness and memories were localized in brain, there could have no consciousness’ sign when the brain no longer carries out activity." The opposite has been observed. Yet this "situation is considered clinical death, coma, or brain death". How can we possess lucid consciousness during brain death? Such patients should not have any subjective consciousness. Here is another proof that soul is operating at this moment.

The scientific credo that everything is on earth still cannot be kept. Yet this false fact continues to be taught.

The Pamela REYNOLDS’ case is emblematic. In her near-death experience she sees the instruments that doctors use while her brain has been blood’s drained. She has a prodigious conscience.

During a near-death experience, patients have never felt more alive than at that moment. So the mind would not need the brain to operate. It is seen during the blind people’s near-death experiences.

There is this myopic seeing very well during his near-death experience. A colorblind person is surprised by bright colors he faces. He can distinguish the primary colors, but the pastel colors look the same. In the same way a blind man sees when he saw nothing, not even black.

The mind scanner cannot explain an imminent death. An MRI scan can only record for 2 seconds at the moment. The imminent death lasts a few milliseconds.