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Gravity explains soul.

Consciousness and Brain
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Article published on 22 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

There is a doctrines’ serie which groups the mind’s functions :

  • Epiphenomenism: Our mind is encompassed in something greater that decides elsewhere according to our limits. Also our mind builds consciousness as the body produces bile. But this consciousness’ state is superfluous looking at mind’s behavior, which must seek truth in order to find consciousness :
  • The mind-matter dualism. There is the thinking substance and the extended substance according to DESCARTES.
  • The parallelism is directing interaction between mind and matter. LEIBNIZ searched on this topic.
  • Idealism symmetrical to materialism. In this case, the mind just exists, and reality is a mind’s subproduct. This doctrine is defended by BERKELEY.
    Every doctrine is valid for that it is used to. Now let’s consider recent ideas.

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