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The Holographic Memory
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Article published on 21 March 2022
last modification on 22 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

PRIBRAM demonstrated that memory linked to brain has got holographic properties, therefore that consciousness runs with waves on brain. This explains why brain can store so many memories. Holograms can get a lot of information.

A brain’s part’s removal does not alter memory because consciousness is elsewhere. The holographic process allows consciousness to materialize through brain.

The first physical theories on holography date back to 1947. They gave Dennis GABOR the Physics’ Nobel Prize. Thanks to Joseph FOURIER’s mathematical model, a model that transforms images into waveforms and vice versa, GABOR managed to record information about an object from the photographic emulsions’ interference fringes. PRIBRAM used this information to work out his theory.

We don’t know where consciousness is. If memory communicates through holography with our brain, we can think that consciousness is a field, a field much more flexible and fast than a molecule, speed that our body runs.

Do we need the brain? Hydrocephalus is a formation under the cranial crust characterized by cerebrospinal fluid’s significant excess. In the most extreme cases, it ends up practically filling the skull, to the point that there is no visible brain tissue left. LORBER examined 253 hydrocephalus in SHEFFIELD. Nine of these patients had only 5% of their brain tissue left. But four of them had an IQ above 100. Two had an IQ over 126. Six were doing wonderfully. The student with an IQ of 126 had almost no brain left. Today we know how to evacuate the fluid. But we know that brain can migrate to healthy parts when it is sick.

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