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Nature’s Information
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Article published on 28 March 2022
last modification on 30 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Information is a scenario imposed by a transmission channel. When I have an idea, it is related to the information provided. This idea takes into account every analysis that worked out before. It does not reduce analysis but allows to create a new idea with it. We then wonder how we could have had this idea. The idea came to me from my mind which interpreted situation’s analysis.

LASZLO says that information is a "subtle, almost instantaneous, non-evanescent, non-energetic connection between things located in different places of space, at different points in time. »

Quantum vacuum field thus transmits information, information processed by mind. So information is universal but different depending on mind. So there are similar waves that give information, like a tuning fork always the same.

Quantum vacuum’s information runs a billion times faster than light’s speed. On this scale, we can proceed on matter and create galaxies and planetary systems’ holograms. Again everything is connected with these waves. The waves orchestrate planets, stars and galaxies’ path with coherence.

Fundamental universe’s equations fit on a wall. Their tuning is obvious. Their consistency is very precise, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.

Quantum vacuum field captures information from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. It interprets it and brings solutions to the universe’s order. So a parallel universe has hatched in ours. Life is organized very early, sooner than we think.

So life uses a quantum vacuum field. Our body runs quickly at the cellular level thanks to a quantum vacuum field. Also species’ spirit is disseminated with quantum vacuum’s waves.

Genome will mutate correctly if the animal changes its medium according to that animal sees. Mutations will quickly get used to changing and will aim right.

So we are close to Egyptians’ vision. They talk about energy exchange. Wave energy penetrates well into each animal acting according to it. Energy makes life. So at the beginning there is only energy, as the Egyptians tell.