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Can Consciousness be Simulated ?
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Article published on 15 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

If we tell ourselves that waves create consciousness, is it possible to create consciousness with waves ? Scientists are studying this possibility. It would also be possible to bring up images and sounds in the mind with this method.

So BOHM would have found a way to touch with mind, not with consciousness. Indeed, consciousnesses are connected to our universe and act on our universe. Contacting a consciousness can be done talking with the dead.

With this regard, the experience that Jean-Pierre PETIT made is particularly mind-blowing. He hid letters from his view and was spinning them on a circle. So they asked questions with a medium to a dead person who might be looking at them by chance. A medium is someone who has, for example, had a near-death experience. So when they were asking the dead man the question « are you a man or a woman ? ». The letter that came was the M. Then they asked who he was. So we could see a name that was in the obituary the day before. This experience has to be carryed out with a medium. You can recreate it. You will not find dead people available all the time. But it may be interesting to try.

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