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Chronology of my Cognitive Organization
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Article published on 10 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

I notice that time speeds up when it gets dark. It is probably the influence of the spirits sleeping at that moment.

I am writing here a time’s observation, time often analyzed mediatically. My time is organized like this :
1. Thought
2. Confrontation
3. Screen
4. Thoughts
5. Dream
6. Dialogue or writing

This artificialized harmony therefore allows me to lead to dialogue and writings. This harmony’s principle is to overcome boredom to allow creativities.

To protect ourselves from the screen’s artificiality, our mind can put itself in a dreams’ situation when it sees surreal. Then time scrolls by, unless we start to get bored, boredom showing us repetitions more often than not. To create is to change domains against this regularity.

Our mind can easily recognize this dream situation because it does not detect a soul then in front of it.
When time seems static to me it gets slowly. My thought is then confronted with that I have accumulated in relation to that I would like to do. Time speeds up when I think about something I love.

So engaged thinking seems important. A confrontation without a path of truth or without an accepted objective cannot be reflexive. So it goes more slowly.

Grabbing’s reflexive time is done with pauses and goes very very quickly. Transforming reflexive time goes very very quickly at the beginning and then goes less and less quickly with pauses then we open our eyes around us.

Transforming reflexive time, especially of grabbing, are therefore speeding up situations. Facing reality therefore allows a dreaded and then idealizable transformation because we end up slowing down our time.

We then want to preserve this transforming time giving the desire to create or to write repeating it. This will be done faster so it will encourage us to change it to create some new things.

Dialogue time and writing time can then accelerate time again, prompting us to create again because we believe we have found this transforming time speeding up and then slowing down. It is for this transformation that makes us believe we are strong, for this dialogue or this writing therefore.

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