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If the whole Universe was Synchronous

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Friday 15 April 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

As we saw with Alain ASPECT, non-locality between two entangled particles is kept despite distance. But we kept two particles as a starting point. But it is possible that non-locality runs everywhere in universe. Thus particles should be synchronized at different distances at very low forces.

Similarly JUNG talks about natural events’ together the beetle. Two animals move at the same time. Also the person’s name I want to call comes at the moment I want to do it.

This defeats mechanical causality’s principle. Synchronicity would be acausal as AUROBINDO shows, adding that it disturbs emotions, that it is symbolic or even mystical. Robert HOPCKE adds that synchronicity comes in a life’s transitional period.

But soul can be this synchronicity’s eason. Spirit that binds us is reason. In the same way, non-locality can run with universe‘s soul.