Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

Plant and Universe
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Article published on 15 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

We can imagine that universe as a body with tissues. Indeed galaxies should be the tissues, stars and their planets are the cells. Universe’s monads that, if we tell about Leibniz, are light.

Luc MONTAGNIER tells us that DNA is directed by microwaves coming from water. A plant can have billions of atoms. DNA alone can only organize them with a soul that emits microwaves in our universe. DNA is not enough to organize.

DNA alone cannot organize a plant. Magnitudes do not match. Body’s microwaves organize DNA and unify body.
A plant is organized towards the sky and into the ground. The plant knows where the water is by its soul, since it is impossible for it to know otherwise. We cannot explain otherwise that the plant knows how to find water. Can we act out of our limits with our soul?

In the same way universe is organized with different souls, since it includes our own. Jean-Pierre PETIT created 7 dimensions to model a galaxy. How many dimensions will there be to create the universe?

What is certain are physical forces. There is the negative matter and the matter that we know. But they cannot explain that universe organizes. Indeed these forces would create a chaos because they are not going towards a whole. Universe has a soul that organizes the big bang, big bang being rather a seed that germinates. The emptiness of matter is same as to the emptiness of universe.

We think that the universe is dead because we are looking at those parts of the universe that we partially understand. We explain what we understand without saying what we don’t understand. Thus, that is alive and incomprehensible escapes us.