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Unity between Souls

Creative Common by SA License
Sunday 10 April 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

A virus grows as a whole as a living being. Didier RAOULT often says this in 2021. That’s what we learn in medical schools. Variants of a virus cannot be created serially. So it seems that humans are adding variants to the coronavirus. Chinese are not doing this. RNA Vaccines, which are not vaccines, that are doing this. This is because cells become the virus and overactivate the immunocompetence. Indeed, Prince Philip of England wanted to turn into a virus when he died.

Two plants can face each other, not to merge. Their bodies are thus not compatible. On the other hand, it is our consciousness that links us to each other, with emotions for example. Thus unity between plants will be their body, while our unity between us is through spirit and soul.