Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

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Article published on 24 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Ecology holds biology. Biology is limited by its mechanistic paradigm, while ecology encompasses and inspires.

Ecology respects a laws’ set that allow it to survive. We must be able to breathe, eat and drink, live in an environment that changes little from when it started. So biosphere follows a well-established order. Biological process is subject to whole’s influence which it is contained into.

We can improve nature. But we can also destroy it. Suppressing a predator can bring dysregulation in ecosystem. Then species swarm.

Nature works mutualizing. Each individual cooperates to get a nature capital. Two different species’ individuals are rarely seen arguing over the same meat’s piece. Two crabs cannot compete for the same hole for long. Rattlesnakes never bite each other.

Mutualization is called homeotelia (homoios, even. telos, objective) by Édouard GOLDSMITH. This is a "cooperation with the whole in order to preserve its specific order". Birds fly thanks to a lot of "details: Long wings and tail empennage, bones containing air, ballast, etc."

For humans, cultural behavior helps to keep society’s order. We are dedicated to work in society. Conflicts that we can create do not last long. Yet conflict leads to conflict. We adopt homeotelic or even heterotelic behaviors to achieve our individual ends. Industries demand heterotelic behavior. We agree to take care of a whole’s part that we do not control in order to maintain this order.

We’ll have to change of paradigm. After oil, it will be nuclear that will become the most used energy with thorium. Thorium enables power plants that shut down on demand and recycle nuclear waste. Thorium’s science then fusion will allow unlimited energy to create building-fields. As in every history of humanity, our society must transform or perish, so it will transform.

Life cannot be chosen. We live and that’s it. The human, on the other hand, makes life conscious. We don’t have to face humans against the rest of biosphere. Field buildings are compatible with life. Finance wants us to be consumers while we are performing in society.

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