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Understanding and Explaining

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Thursday 24 March 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

We should be wrong to stay in the disciplines’ context we have learned. It is about connecting knowledge with each other to sublimate it. It is about investigating to find possible solutions to problems dued to our disciplines, not forgetting their flaws.

The mechanistic paradigm proposed to use an unlimited nature’s. Now we are creating natural structures. But it will be about get considerable energy required to create natural structures. Finance will still want us to make field-buildings profitable.

Traditions make it possible to find new techniques to create and robotize. The robots’ era that finance will want to exploit will allow with a public currency to create owners, not slaves with private currency.

Indeed, states currently have to borrow on stock markets in order to get a debt with financial. It is accepted from banks. If our state controls currency we will be able to create owners redistributing wealth through protectionism and big projects.

If we protect our industries, we will then have time to ourselves. Favoring the train will make it possible to favor the local. Protectionism also favors the local.

For the financiers, poor population must suffer from malnutrition. With a public currency the poor population becomes modest or rich.

The real economy makes it possible to sublimate ecology with thorium’s energy. Field buildings will make it possible to manage plants healthily.

The real economy is not sufficiently known because it has been hidden. It is the real economy using public money that is working, not the real economy using private money just supporting decline.