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Gravity explains soul.

Holons’ Hierarchy
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Article published on 6 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

A galaxy’s soul allows galaxy not to burst. As is, a cell’s soul allows this cell not to burst. Normally, an atom should also burst. Should the atom also have a soul?

If you destroy a holon, the upper holons can be destroyed, but not the lower holons. A holon is used to hold a cohesion, an order. In the same way, there are more particles than atoms, more atoms than molecules... So the hierarchical holons’s depth is greater, even if its population’s magnitude is smaller.

The mind goes all over body through nerves. So it includes body’s holons. On the other hand, the individual is part of the body society and runs for the whole. If the individual does not run for the whole, he is removed from society.

Human needs to feel a higher consciousness, as WILBER explains, so it can be the common human mind. If the consciousness that tells him does not look superior, he wants to change from it.

So we have to take care of our holons. If we destroy the biosphere, we are destroying ourselves. The biosphere is watering us with holons.