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Intention and Behavior
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Article published on 6 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Every element and every holon have an intention to live in the higher holon. In the same way, each individual has a culture to behave in the social hierarchy.

Wanting to look for a croissant in the bakery is an intention’s part. Immediately our body wants this croissant. Dopamine and beta waves in the brain increase, etc. The fact that our body wants this croissant is behavior’s part. We are already ready to go for the croissant.

My culture allows me to tell myself that there is a bakery next to my house. I would never have thought of a bakery otherwise. My behavior can therefore be embedded in society with my achievements.

My ego has these four facets: Intentional, Behavioral, Cultural, Social. In addition that it is difficult to guess it, these different facets prevent reaching it more easily.

We make it easier to use our favorite facet. So we want someone who represents us who has these facets. We also tell ourselves that there is someone superior to the one who represents us, someone who should be perfect.

There are also two very distinct camps, that of the inside and that of the outside, the camp of consciousness, interpretation, theology against that of empiricism, positivism, form. The one interprets while the empirical sees and wants facts.

It is difficult in medicine to be empirical without encroaching on patient. The empirical doctor who wants facts seems inhuman to a patient who wants understanding.

The philosophers of Europe’s continent, in France and Germany, interpreted. In Great Britain and North America, philosophers studied pragmatically through empirical analysis.

Interpretation is not objective, but isn’t life subjective? For example, a play is interpreted.

For more content, you can check out Ken WILBER’s "A Brief History of Everything," his most accessible book. Ken WILBER remains in theory, but he still wants to contain the whole instead of applying a method that is only suitable for one universe’s part.