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Time’s Dynamism
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Article published on 21 March 2022
last modification on 22 March 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

There are three temporalities in the creative universe. There is the matter’s temporality, atoms. There is the living materializable’s temporality. There is the soul’s temporality in another universe. Evolution goes beyond the biology’s register because it refers to quantum physics.

The soul slows down time. But time is difficult to materialize. Then you have to use your consciousness or classical physics to create time in your equations. LAPLACE’s determinism, which is a mechanistic and therefore materialistic paradigm, would not have made it possible to include life. The life’s dynamism requires bringing life’s equations through consciousness.

The universe is also dynamic and creating. NEWTON and EINSTEIN could not conceive a static universe. 15 billion years ago, our universe’s matter was born. The first atoms were born after one second in universe’s life. Cold clouds of atoms were born after 1 million years. Perhaps the first galaxies were created quickly with the universe’s soul and gravitation. Stars and star explosions created other atoms.

The sun was created 10 billion years later. It is clear that there is a time’s status, that time is long in universe and short on earth. So speed is fast in universe and low on earth. But this can only be measured with time‘s transition.

The Earth was at first just a molten lava’s ball. The Earth’s crust was created with the Earth’s cooling on its surface. The sea was born after. Bacteria and DNA are born in the sea. It takes a soul to the solar system to make planets hold. Bacteria necessarily have a soul at each. A bacterium tissue has a soul. A cell has a soul.

It is to 500 million years that the first molluscs and corals come. 100 million years later, algae become plants. The shells are growing. 200 million years later, insects, amphibians and reptiles were born. Trees grow in a warm and humid climate. Dinosaurs will then come for 160 million years. 65 million years ago the disappearance of the dinosaurs sees the mammalian period appear. Then human comes.

So we see a dynamic universe, which is growing better on Earth and in space.

We used more and more dense energies, just as nature uses more and more energy with amphibians, then reptiles, then mammals. Carbon energy pollution can let its place to thorium energy.

Progress has grown too quickly compared to the humans’ biological time. The two world wars then come. They are due to life and God belief’s lack. Now we can no longer enter into a world war, otherwise we destroy ourselves. But we know that we can live a long time now. We are not going to war for this reason.

To have a car is to progress. To increase one’s salary is to progress. So progressing doesn’t mean much in the consumer society. Making your mind growing is not highlighted.

The ego’s evolution is therefore an illusion. The ego is most often in a mental routine, in a rut, from which it does not get out afterwards. When we satisfy our ego, curiosity goes out and creativity is lacking.

The mentalities’ evolution is like psychological evolution. Keep the same ego and we’ll change the system for you. We change everything for you. The ego does not want to grow. He wants to satisfy himself. It doesn’t like changing.

The consciousness’s transformation requires a living presence, psychological time’s breaking, passion, awakening. Without a borderline experience’s provocation, we grow very slowly. Growing requires a consciousness’ expansion that is against our ego.

With a good education, we can give the right habits, the behavior to have. With a good education, we can progress intellectually. It is not yet intelligence’s awakening but a first step. With an artistic education we can get the aesthetics’ sense. This is a first step. It’s not a revolution but it’s already that.

If ego is just our subjectivity, with common experience as support, with ordinary consciousness as a resource, we cannot create. Explaining to animals the future is impossible.

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