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Egyptians and Energy
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Article published on 18 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Egyptians had seen that everything was life. They had imagined the chaos and saw that there was none. Matter acts in a determined way without creating a mess that should be our universe. The matter’s laws are not enough to explain this order.

However, we can believe that matter acts indeterminately according to physical laws. Egyptians had seen that it was necessary to detect those laws that created this insufficient order to create life.

It is about following those who talk about universe’s infinity and creativity, like Plato, Nicolas DE CUSE, LEIBNIZ, Charles CAREY, RIEMANN, EINSTEIN while the second part of his life.

Before Christ, very early Egyptians saw the world as an energy’s exchange. While they did not know how atoms were made, the Egyptians had imagined that the soul found itself in another world, that the light of RA, the Sun God, made the world live, RA reborn every day after a journey while it was no longer seen.

Egyptians were not prospecting on origins, even if they were interested in them to prospect on life. They were looking for what had created them. They were looking for the supreme being who governed this whole natural order. Everything had to be alive to organize everything.

For Egyptians, atoms consisted of energy. Living bodies required this energy to be able to move. It is the energy that makes us moving.

They had identified the organization because they reviewed the one who gave life, knowing that for them the mother had a mother and that originally there was a supreme Mother who created the human. One God organizes everything and created everything.

The KELVIN entropy seems very fragile here. Yes, the universe is a miracle. Life is a miracle. The Egyptians noticed that this organization was a miracle.

Egyptians were also looking for a future, knowing that they have given answers to it with the underworld, a place where the holy dead and the righteous inanimate resurrect. There was a long journey to be able to reach underworld’s ideal part, the one where we’ll live ideally. When Jesus went to the underworld, it was the Egyptians’ underworld.

The Egyptians probably did not imagine that there was so much energy in every atom, but who could think about that? But we understand, however, that it is possible to easily think about energy solution when we know the energy that an atom provides. The Egyptians had thought about this along before.

RA is energy. This is the Egyptians’ original God, the God to be worshipped in a monogamic religion created by OSIRIS, OSIRIS who is a pharaoh who instituted cults to practice in temples, an elementary principle of religion. The RA’s cult created the Egyptians’ monogamy very early.

Greeks did not understand how a Mâat, a Mother could govern everything. That’s why they created a polygamous religion. The Greeks were sceptical and learned from the Egyptians, civilization that dominated other peoples the longest.

Greeks were blacks who settled in Europe. It is necessary to know that all proto-humans were black. They bleached with Europe by the lack of light, because white skin helps to better cope with the light’s lack. The white skin that also creates cancers by pheo-melamine is a genetic mutation.

The poverty of thinking of Europeans led the Greeks to become sceptical, especially since they Europeanized. Greeks brought to the Europeans the Egyptian culture watered down by their scepticism.