Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

Soul and Body
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Article published on 18 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

So souls take care of our universe and create our consciousness. Jean-Pierre PETIT tells that there would be 7 dimensions to galaxies. So, by eliminating speed and coordinates, there would be at least 3 other universes that would take care of us with soul. Soul is life’s concept, therefore of organization, which was born by chance, but endures through the creator’s soul called God.

Consciousness is not visible so it is located in a soul from another universe. Gravity uses one or several nested souls. So we will not be able to know everything about our universe. So there are universes totally different from ours.

Consciousness created mind, which is the world culmination. God is a spirit through his soul, a spirit that is bound to a consciousness. Thus our mind and its consciousness allow us to grow the world as we were God.

On the other hand, our body will make us understand that life is fragile. Thus our soul will endure for eternity because we will have embodied a body that, linked to the spirit, will have made us feel life’s fragility. The eternity of the just at the end of death will make him understand that the universe is imperfect, creating a life paying attention to other lives, when this life could have been inattentive to its environment.

Universe is moving very fast while we are moving very slowly. So our soul slows down time. The planet is also slowing down time but on a different scale. The solar system is organized by a soul that also slows down galaxy’s time. So the galaxy slows down time. So life was organized because of infinite speed. An infinite speed created a soul of a God, probably by chance.

Souls’ types are at least 3 if we remove space and time in the space of 7-dimensional galaxies by Jean-Pierre PETIT. There is the soul of the universe that makes the universe plant growing. There are the souls of stars that make the planets grows around the stars. Finally there is the soul that aligns light.

There should be atoms’ soul that do not propagate. Indeed, an atom can only be stable because it is helped to remain stable. Otherwise the matter of the atom should leave in all directions. Quantum mechanics is life that organizes matter.

The time-slowing soul was used by the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics to find that its lasers can recycle nuclear waste. A series of major advances followed, according to Aurélien Barrau and my 2018 article.

We can only project ourselves into the universe of our soul by an imminent death. God has created a gigantic theatre for our bodies to see if we can join god as righteous.