Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

Living an Experience
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Article published on 18 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

A strong objectivity that cannot be counteracted is therefore difficult to achieve. We will not be able to know everything about our universe and its other universes easily. With this way, any scientist knows that his work is about low objectivity, since it requires the experiment’s conditions for the experiment to be successful.

Experience we want must challenge ourselves, since otherwise we will not find something new. If we find something new for ourselves, it means that we are with a higher hypothesis that will shake our mind. It’s scary. But then it becomes enjoyable.

We then realize that something similar can be achieved by the same experiment. We turned our minds upside down to learn. Writing that we understand in this higher hypothesis about the moment will have allowed us to get out of our mental jail. We can explain to others how to get out of this determinism’s mental jail, just as Adam and Eve realized that they were naked.