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Gravity explains soul.

Field and Perception
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Article published on 7 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

When we see an animal, we feel its vibrational field around us. So you close your eyes. So, we remember feeling the animal we saw, despite noises that characterizes it.

When we perceive someone, when we remember his face, we do not see his face completely, because we guess his face with our consciousness’ field. As long as we have not stared at it, the face is lost because the field cannot last along.

BERGSON insists that memory not persists in brain, but in mind. But it is the brain that will activate mind. Karl PRIBRAM emphasizes memory’s holographic nature.

We do not see our soul. What creates DNA and our consciousness cannot be seen in our world. We are in a our soul’s field that creates our body with matter compatible with our body.

When we want to remember something and it doesn’t come back, our mind doesn’t answer us anything. Suddenly, without anything happening in mind, our consciousness remembers this memory. We can’t view our consciousness in this world so we don’t feel it.

The Placebo effect is therefore explained by our mind, which claims to cure disease easily where it feels it. Our mind emits a field that it might not have emitted if we hadn’t had the Placebo or the will.

The brain’s running can be as a computer program. But the computer’s consciousness does not exist. Will we ever be able to make a conscience without seeing it?