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The Failure of Materialistic Theory

Creative Common by SA License
Thursday 7 April 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

Experiments were conducted on animals. The animals that had suffered a very strong brain injury kept the same performance. Monkeys who had their motor cortex removed could do the same movements again after 12 weeks.

There are many other such experiments. Rats were placed to get out of one illuminated part with electric shock, the other unlit without electric shock. The first generation of rats made 165 mistakes. The thirtieth generation that followed the previous generations made only 20 mistakes. There interpreted hardly results. So they said genes keep electric shock’s memory thanks to the common rats’ mind. So since kind of experiments, we noticed the same result with also a memory along.

In the same way a lullaby that is learned from generation to generation will be learned more easily, regardless to the language.