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Universe is a plant !
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Article published on 8 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

At first we are all conditioned. Our social ego is just linked to society. We act from others until we follow a pattern to act easier.

Some, however, manage to be in world’s truth, in order to be able to act on the world to anticipate it. Those are free. But to get out of the conditioning, we had to dialogue and create to go against our conditioning that leads us to that others do. It is about being for a truth’s world to get out of our conditioning.

You will tell me that he is in a new condition, that of truth. But world’s truth is not told so we follow the group. When we know world’s truth, that is to say we can grow and resources are not finite because waste is reusable, except for usable energy, energy also present in every atom, we have something to be free. But everything in our mind tells us the opposite. It is then about fighting to announce the good news. We then compare with the different models in a scientific way.

At first, we are afraid of freedom, to have to find new marks, to the point of believing that it should be a scam. So many want to believe that others believe and that everyone believes. They stay like others to stay like the ones they know. Freedom is not a free act.

It usually takes a failure or feeling that our life is acquired to become free. So we are not afraid to face our freedom. We have a strong intention to find out the truth.