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Gravity explains soul.

World is Irreversible
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Article published on 8 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

TENET movie shows that we could reverse time. But this would require manipulating each atom to put them back in their forward position from a memory. It’s like reconstituting a piece of sugar diluted in a coffee cup. So we cannot go against the time’s run, which life has also partially mastered slowing down time with our souls.

It is true that mathematical equations are reversible. So it is normal that we ask ourselves a reversibility’s question. But the world runs indeterminately according to our souls. The one who finds the truth of the world and speaks about it acts indeterminately. In the same way God opposing to devil requires both of them to act in an indeterminate way.

So life would just slow down time, not reverse it. Time is just possible because we remember the past. Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about it. Time is not a thing but a sequence of actions.