Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

No Such Thing As Determinism
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Article published on 8 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Jean-Pierre PETIT and his team will undoubtedly succeed in creating a model of the universe. It should be the first determined model of the universe. But to realize this, it is about understanding soul in his Metaphysical book.

So we could say that universe is designable. But non-locality should mislead us about this model. If non-locality is determined by universe’s soul, then the model is deterministic. Indeed, a plant’s soul is predictable.

But universe goes to a cluster without coming together to the most attractive point of the cluster. Indeed, the fact that we are attracted to a cluster should unite galaxies with each others. That’s not the case. So universe does not run in a determined way.