Universe is Alive !
Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

What is the Universe ?
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Article published on 18 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

We will analyze topics that are poorly covered. The universe is an explosion that is organized so it is not an explosion, since an explosion self-destructs. That is, the universe has a gravitational-like force that composes it to be organized.

First of all, vacuum is the major part of atoms, therefore of the universe. The material is composed of 99% vacuum. The full is filled with emptiness. So it seems normal that the universe also organizes atoms in a vacuum. The magnitude’s orders are similar. The organization exists remotely.

Then, galaxies, star systems and their planets cannot exist as they are. We were saying that there are no planets around stars while stars should leave galaxies like a spinning top should. Indeed, galaxies are flat because they rotate very fast. If they rotate very fast, it would mean that the stars would leave out of the galaxies. That’s not the case.

Now let’s look at that allows these stars to hold. Gravitation runs in a vacuum on the entire visible universe. I’m not going to say like Étienne Klein that emptiness is not emptiness. No! There is something that we do not see and that makes gravity.

We are heading towards a galactic cluster located very far away and which attracts us with gravity from very far away. So there is a universe that creates gravity in ours. Indeed, how could gravity run in the whole universe at the same time otherwise?

The fact that we are going to a clump1 was predicted by the apocalypse according to St. John. This cluster should create a new world much better made than the first, according to Saint-John. Our world should be transitional. Better-designed creatures should be created next. The righteous around God should have competition later.

The light acts before it arrives. So light is alive because it goals that it is going to do. That is, the light chooses the shortest path. It is therefore dependent on an entity that makes it moving.

Let’s speak about Consciousness. We don’t know where it is. We can’t find it. We only find it when it expresses itself. We should say here that we know that particles or quarks are the smallest matter’s elements after waves that create them. So consciousness is created with waves. So consciousness is somewhere else. It’s in another universe.

In another way, there is an universe for our universe, an universe for our souls, an universe for the light. This is the unique and crazy explanation that makes everything possible. Life requires another universe. Our universe is alive with gravity which grows into stars’ galaxies and bodies associated with their planets.

All of this is against the stoicism‘s postulates because life controls matter through creativity, materialism’s postulates because matter is not enough to explain everything, realism’s postulates, because we cannot know everything about the soul.

So we think we haven’t created mental prisons for ourselves. It is about freeing ourselves as Plato would, Plato who nevertheless remained a realist. It is about creating that will make our world by the higher hypothesis encompassing all the hypotheses, understanding the matter and soul’s realism.