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Universe is a plant !

Gravity explains soul.

Soul creates a Field
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Article published on 8 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

The waves emitted by the body therefore make it possible to create a wave field regulating particles. Universe is ordered by a field that regulates atoms with non-locality.

So we can’t represent atoms with balls. The field would have no influence with that. Infinitely small is influenced by fields.

In the same way, atoms emit light with photons’ form, photons that are waves that can become particles. In the same way, atoms can be shown with waves becoming particles. These waves can disappear or become particles.

Thus particles’ quanta are oriented with fields. We are talking about a quantum field orienting electrons, positrons, or protons. In vacuum these fields propagate, vacuum is moving.

We can’t find our brain’s consciousness. It is hidden in soul. Soul’s consciousness creates a field in the brain to materialize the actual. Our soul is projected into our world through wave fields.

So you can only know that I think while talking to me. Devices put on the brain would only guess what I’m thinking at the moment. We can achieve consciousness in our world searching in active consciousness.

During antiquity, we thought soul as an energy field. So our soul emits a field that acts remotely on our world. DESCARTES viewed soul as a thing. The mechanists continued to view soul as a thing, even if NEWTON speaks of a gravity’s remote action. It was FARADAY and then MAXWELL who reintroduced field’s concept to anchor it in physics.

A magnetic field orders atoms. In the same way, the soul’s wave field organizes body. Luc MONTAGNIER found that water emitted waves ordering DNA.

Since nothing could propagate in universe without matter, mechanistic physics introduced the Ether’s concept, that universe‘s substance that would allow gravity to propagate. But EINSTEIN saw that this Ether prevented gravity from runing correctly. He abolished Ether’s notion to create general relativity’s theory. Thus gravity is an instantaneous field in a spacetime.