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Gravity explains soul.

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Article published on 16 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Seeing a dead body is an experience to know. Realizing that soul is a part of the body has to be considered. We are not made to stay on Earth all the time. It is more difficult to create than to maintain.

In front of a dead body, soul came out of its body. We don’t know where it is anymore. The inanimate person still looks alive. But she’s not moving at all. We think body is going to move, but it’s still inert. Then we see that the skin is not normal. It is not necessary to touch the body because there may be diseases on the body.

While this deceased person did a lot of things that she told us, we will no longer be able to see that she said, unless we see her again in another world. Is our life serving a purpose?

Celebrities have their marble plaque just as a bad driver has it. We end our life on earth leaving only a disintegrating body.

Having been close to death makes it possible to detect sacred, which must be observed. Someone who has never faced death lives in the world’s shadowness. This one will curse the sky and remain in illusion.

Someone who has seen death will tell himself that calm is a chance to find the dead, that perhaps we can tell to the dead. We will look at calm to meditate about the deads.

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