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Dreaming and Ego

Creative Common by SA License
Saturday 16 April 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

After dreaming, if we don’t look at fast images, we would sometimes like these dreams to become reality. But is my ego then in reality ? So my subjectivity is tested. Reality then takes over.

Was my dream something else’s? Did I have a dream from a movie? So we can say to ourselves we have to discuss with those who have seen the movie to get an idea of our ego’s drift. Indeed, the films create the same vision for everyone. If the film made it possible to find, there would be a lot of finders in those who watch these films. So a lot of movies are on reality’s verge so we have normal dreams.

Dreams thus have a relationship to reality. We do not do what we want in our dreams. We see a reason emerging and something is said. Chaos can come quickly if we are awakened.

The world I perceive is mysterious. It requires a lot of different views to be understood. I don’t have them at all. So epistemology is important to find a reality.

The world I perceive is already created. Everything is done so that I do not know how it was done. Thus understanding the authors’ approach and the beginning of the world is important to understand today’s world.

The world I feel is natural. It is dependent on the animals and plants that feed us. Animals perceive our world in a full and different way to feel if we need it. So it’s about how we can feel to another way.

The little I feel is a tiny part of the real. The little I guess can be tell in another way. So that I understand about people is a sure poverty.

The experience that will prove what I think needs to be revealed to context. So I can be wrong as I can be in the truth. It’s my subjectivity that makes me willing to create an experience. So it has to be based on a strong view. I have to be vigilant with myself to create an experience about my subjectivity.