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Philosophy and Science
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Article published on 16 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Philosophy is used by science to find new ideas. But these ideas are not to be sought in the real world. Otherwise, we would find ourselves describing what everyone knows, telling rational truths by mistaking our audience for a child. There would be a sophist who is lead by power speaking the telling that already exists to satisfy the power in place.

There is something unreal about quantum. So a lot of quantum research can seem crazy. It is about explaining them with the researches already carried out. It is about continually going to human’s limits outside of his field. It’s about having an universe’s epistemological view, understanding the amazing world around us.

Then we wonder that is real for ourselves, because our ego has surreal desires. It is about making this unreal self to grow towards our research’s reality. It’s about filling without the shortcuts taken in our childhood to create a concrete reality.

Human specialities must be able to be brought together to better understand world. Thus, a scientist who is compartmentalized in his speciality will understand the world only from the angle of his speciality.

It could be easier to integrate one speciality into another with the processes used there. Thus epistemology makes it easier to find. It’s about being open to new areas and understanding how they work to make it easier to find. So to understand science is to be interested in everything.

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