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Meeting Real
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Article published on 15 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

When we awaken of guessing real, it allows us to find solutions to our problems. We are no longer leaving the real world but guessing it. We see the world the way it is done. Nothing has changed but everything is different. We are surprised as we see reality.

So we see the world the way as a scientist should see it. Perhaps we can ask ourselves why there is life. We can see an event happening and analyze it. We see the world in the infrared. This remains to be verified.

Later we will see something strange and we will ask ourselves questions. Am I missing a scientific element? Probably. So we are looking for keywords that make it possible to find this scientific element. If we don’t find, it’s about creating an experience to produce that we don’t understand.

We confront ourselves with the reality’s easy way. My consciousness tells me that I see is very real, that I can easily imagine the next day only through my future works. The past can be easily found dreaming and imagining. That elsewhere is imperceptible now.

We want to enjoy the present moment, meditate on what makes us, analyze our world. We meditate to make connections in our mind. We are building ourselves.

We can believe that the imbroglio of what we understand is the real. Only dreams will make us change our mind about it. The next day, we may already be thinking that this imbroglio has to be studied. Then we read scientific books about the field we want.

It is easy to create collective illusions with the mainstream’s media. So let’s analyze the basic science learned in the first and final year on the specialty that we lack. This first and terminal science gives the Language, Biology and Physics basis.

We can create hell as paradise. So what do we really want? Should we think that we are being tested? Is there another world to reach?

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