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Finding your Ego
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Article published on 16 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

With our consciousness we can feel on ourselves. Only we are quickly afraid to go further because we are facing a vacuum. We can feel on ourselves but our ego only wants to reveal itself with difficulty.

Our ego is known only by others. Since we look like others, we guess with them our ego created by our mind. We then see its supernatural aspect. Then we forget about it.

It takes a while to find our ego. Then we’re like, « Is that me? ». When you read your first poem you wrote a long time ago, you think you’ve written something surreal. This reveals to us but we cannot go beyond it. So our friends tell us what they think about it and that we don’t see.

Our ego is surreal because it means different things depending on people. Our ego is surreal because life is a miracle just like the mind.

So we tell ourselves that world is unreal, that everything is a dream. After being included in reality, we switch to the dream.

But if we take care to look at the world, we see that there is indeed something concrete. Even though the scene is surreal, the world is real to us.

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