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Refusing the World

Creative Common by SA License
Monday 18 April 2022 by Matthieu Giroux

If we cannot accept this reality that oppresses us, we can flee. But we really will go back and will upset our will. We will want to run away from everything and will panic in front of reality.

Only the consumer society has created all kinds of dreams to create an illusory reality, which entertains us. We can spend our time watching beautiful pictures that deny nature’s reality. We can spend our time distorting ourselves to split up the world. We can easily go to our final death denying reality and having as icons the pretty people who represent our non-existent dreams. We can spend our time with people who deny that nature can be changed for the better.

So sociologists say in 2020 that reality is a social construct. This makes it possible to expand the dream to be in our world, to have a false reality’s theoretical basis. So the surveys will help to establish our desire to consume, will satisfy our fallen dream.

We will find sophists who will please us with a social projection. It will not take anything going against our ego. If our ego is challenged, the world falls apart. We will know in ourselves that it is not real but we will agree to follow our reality.

So we can find people on the street who invent a reality for themselves, someone that we see in movies. These people want to look like others who consume like it, lying about their condition, living in the permanent lie to be someone else, someone that one’s spouse sees but who is not self. When the lie is revealed, the spouse will be disappointed forever and will leave. Is it not, on the contrary, a life of truth that is beginning?

Movies’ illusion can trap people in a world that does not exist. So people who watch horror movies will be able to be scared with no reason. The dark’s fear will return. We may also be afraid with a human, with a cry of joy.

Thus, being dependent on the world of images or an unreal world will make one try to find the first cause that came to any problem. We’ll look for the easiest to find out the scapegoat. So we will be in an animal society repressing others.