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Scientific Reality
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Article published on 16 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Science is making us a part of reality. It allows you to get out of materialistic dead ends. But we just have to not make too many surreal assumptions for it to be true, those dogmas that have made and are making science explained to the population.

It’s about looking for the scientist who goes to mankind’s limits, the ones which may have already found, that we know what he’s talking about. Only those who explain science dogmatically have an interest in hiding it. So expect the unexpected with science, to find a science that explains all kinds of phenomena simply, because physics explains things simply. It is mathematics that complicates physics.

We’ll follow a scientist. This scientist will react to heresy in a clear and subtle way, since he will have been faced with heresy one to not believe it. We’ll compare his model if he explains it. If he doesn’t explain his model he’s a quack. Then by dint of finding the reality into his words, we will eventually quote him.

As science explains everything that is possible to explain, we will see military or societal elaborations, theories of chaos because chaos can exist. So be amazed and nothing will be easier to check if that this scientist is saying is true at that moment.

It is not about feeling this scientist is a God, someone who will be cited every time. This scientist has his sources and we have to go and get them. Reading and feeling on your ideas is the best thing to do.

If you don’t agree with this scientist all the time, that’s fine. This means that you can grow another vision of society together, even if you want to do this. Then it will be necessary to train with a science among those of the scientist we are following. We’ll work out the best of all possible worlds.

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