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Welcoming Reality
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Article published on 16 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Do we want to deny reality? We have no interest to do it. So when we recognize a truth that seems real to us, it is about welcoming it asking the questions that make it possible to detect it. Thanks to the one who reminds me about world’s realism ! If there are not many of them, we can ask them to do workshops where we will go. We can ask the real to be with us by those who show it.

On the other hand, we must know that we will never link this representation of reality except by the reality’s foundations explained. Consciousness is false at first. It is therefore not about following the one who represents reality but of asking him questions that open the truth’s doors.

We’re on a watchful watch. If we feel like that we’re sleeping at that moment, it’s because we’re gullible or worse a denier. If we are not vigilant, we would go to another pseudo-real world that we would not understand. We would become passive again. So it’s about reading and talking, comparing yourself to that moment.

It is our ego that says what is real for ourselves or is not. It will therefore always be necessary to remember our own existence, the little that we knows about reality. If our truth is thwarted easily either we express ourselves badly or falsely.

Then our dreams will grow, as long as we do not look at fast images. Our dreams make it possible to replace this higher hypothesis in its context. Then we will wake up with the will to act or meditate.

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