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Gravity explains soul.

What is Realism ?
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Article published on 18 April 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Apprehending the world around us leads us to error. So we use the term "In reality" to go against something false. Remember that an experiment can become false if its postulates and context are changed.

The fact that soul is not visible but hypothetically true is due to having discovered that someone is organizing our world, that a little is in our world, that we are made to go to another world, that this other world is in us.

It is sure that someone who does not know how to tell, therefore defining potential mistakes will regress, since he will remain in the error to not wanting to grow. Life grows or regresses, but cannot remain as last as matter, because when we do nothing we forget.

Real is something that we can materialize. We can’t materialize everything. For example wind is a moment when matter moves. If we want to test wind when it is not present it does not exist. Wind is a phenomenon of matter that can be created for a while.

This is why soul has often been denied in our contemporary period. Science did not see it. So how could soul be real other than through experiences in this case? Then comes the consciousness that makes us exist. If we exist and we organize matter without being able to explain with matter that we exist, that’s there is something higher that creates life, that life organizes matter. Life exists because we exist. It’s about not forgetting ourselves in front of our materialism. Life’s realism is daring to speak of ourselves and to say that we exist.

Strangely, our soul does not like to be analyzed because we do not see it. We don’t like to talk about ourselves from a new angle. That would challenge us. We want to exist. So that is a gift. So we don’t want to risk going back. When we talk about ourselves, it is about placing it under the angle of a real phenomenon, our mind, consciousness was present in our hidden soul.

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